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Request for Newsradio Fans: There's only a few left!

EDITED: I was able to get some episodes but I still don't have all...


Request for Newsradio Fans:


I feel so pathetic to be requesting this here, but I want it so much, so here it goes...

I love Newsradio and obviously I want to have all the episodes, but here is the problem... I can't buy them, because here (Argentina) it cost the triple than in the U.S. And I can't download them because I don't have Internet in my house... So I need a way to get them fast and easy... I followed some link to mediafire but they don't work anymore...

Does anybody know how can I get them? There is some link to another uploading page that actually work or something like that? I want those episodes really bad! I would love to have at least from season 01 through 04... If any of you can or had upload some episode please let me know!

Please, from one Newsradio fan to another, can anybody help me?

Thanks! I can upload any of the others episodes that I have if somebody request any......


These are the episodes that I don't have...


Season 02:

05 - The Shrink

13 - In Through Out the Door

14 - The song remains the same

15 - Zoso


Season 03:

02 - Review

11 - The Trainer

15 - Rose Bowl

18 - Twins

19 - Office Feud

20 - Our Fiftieth Episode

22 - The Real Deal


Season 04:

03 - The Public Domain

06 - Pure Evil

14 - Security Door

16 - Beep, beep

20 - 4:20


Season 05:

All season (I have it in VHS, but in a horrible quality)

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